Solidarity posters call out literal trumped-up charges against J20 defendents

Another round of solidarity posters for the J20 defendents has appeared around DC, this time showing Donald Trump aiming a pistol at the viewer and warning of literal Trumped-up charges. In other words, it is believed that the decision to file such questionable cases that the first six defendents were acquitted and later trials have been delayed goes right to the top. It is also a known fact that police have worked with the extreme right (notably Project Veritas and Gotnews) both to obtain video for their own use and to harass defendents outside the legal system entirely. This tracks with demands made of Trump by facists and white supremacist groups just before the Inauguration that he "get control of the (insult redacted) street Left." Thus we see that all the police brutality, wierd legal arguments ands collusion with the far-right that have marked the J20 cases since the kettle itself are most likely the work of Donald Trump himself or one of his backers, and certainly Jeff Sessions has a role in this as well. Sessions, it should be remembered just appeared before the Supreme Court arguing for a return to routine shackling of all defendents appearing in Federal court including in immigration cases! He is known to have sympathized with the Ku Klux Klan at least in the past and during the 1980's was rejected by a GOP Senate for a Federal Judgeship on the grounds that he was too racist even for the GOP of that era.

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