Christian Zionist convention draws Gaza invasion protest

On the 21st of July, pro-Palestine protesters showed up outside the Christians United For Israel convention in the DC Convention Center. This group is composed of Fundamentalist Christians, some of whom believe the job of Israel is to start the war of Armageddeon against their neighbors, then to either convert to Christianity or be killed after the Second Coming. I received reports today of more attendees saying Palestinian children deserve to die, though none of the attendees admitted publicly to believing Jewish people are supposed to be next to die unless they convert at the Apocalypse.

Video on Archive, better quality

Same video on Liveleak, where it might be seen from Gaza as Middle Eastern fighters commonly use Liveleak for action videos

Breaking:Code Pink, Jewish Voices for Peace disrupt Israeli Ambassador's speech at same event

This protest came on the heels of reports that Israeli soldiers shelled a hospital in Gaza, and as Palestinian deaths continue to run at over 20 times the number of Israeli deaths. The figures were even more extreme (400-2) a day earlier, before the IDF ran into a hornet's nest of mines and ambushes in Gaza at a cost of 25 IDF soldiers killed through 1AM 7-22 EDT. Three of their dead today were in a single tank that ran over a heavy antitank mine. The US press is reporting that the IDF underestimated the capabilities of soldiers of Hamas and other fighting groups in Gaza in a conventional battle, just as they underestimated Hezbollah in 2006.

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