Handmaids, anti-Trump acts in High Heel Race as putting Mayor's name on it stokes controversy

Video including the Handmaids, the anti-Trump act, and a critique of the Mayor 1 min 14 sec

On the 30th of October, the annual pre-Halloween High Heel Race took to 17th st. There were multiple participants in "Handmaid's Tale" costume, a possible reference to the Kavanaugh confirmation fightback. Also present were participants with "Trump is a Drag" and "Drag out Trump" signs.

There was controversy over Mayor Bowser attaching her name to the event, because her "more cops, more warrants, more arrests" politics are not good for transgender people (especially transgender people of color) or sex workers. The office of the DC Mayor has done much to faciliate this event over the years, which is quite a reversal from its underground origins and the 1991 police assault on the event. Many in the community did however ask that Mayor Bowser not put her name on the event as that can be construed as an endorsement of her pro-developer, anti-marginalized community politics.

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