Climate stability activists rally to support EPA power plant rule on day of hearing

On the 29th of June, CCAN, and other pro-Earth organizations held a rally outside the EPA as a hearing on the proposed power plant CO2 emission rule gut under way. Shortly after the rally, Climate First! activists arrived at the US Chamber of Commerce saying their climate change denial is "bad for the bottom line" before also marching to the EPA, where supporters stayed put all day as the hearing continued.

The Climate First action was in response to the US Chamber of Commerce's howling and whining that the proposed power plant rules would be "bad for the economy" by which they mean the bottom lines of fossil fuel and utility corporations. There were officials from MD, VA, and New Jersey at the Chamber at the time of this protest, in the NJ case someone who came by SUV with three NJ state troopers for security in a trail car. Wonder whether they were there for bribes or orders?

Sen Ed Markey says US "can't preach temperance from a bar stool" to rest of world while speaking at this rally

Partial Video (yelling "solidarity with student strikers of Newark" missed) of motorcade confrontation at outside Chamber of Commerce with what may have been NJ Gov Christie's entourage, another protester said it was, CCAN, Sierra Club, etc at the EPA shortly before 11AM

Climate First! at the Chamber of Commerce

Two of the bike trailer billboards at EPA

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