#Ride4liberation: Against Deportations and the Occupation of Gaza! 12pm August 2, White House

CONTACT:For any inquiries https://www.facebook.com/events/1475475202699734/On site representative call 703 314 0456 ATTN: White House correspondents, Newspapers, TV, Radio, Online Publications  Ride 4 LiberationAgainst Deportations and the Occupation of GazaBike riders in DC ride to express support for an end to the deportation and criminalization of immigrants in the US as well as the Israeli occupation of Palestine  Washington, DC, August 2, 2014 – Bicycle riders in the nation’s capital will participate in the Ride 4 Liberation: Against Deportations and the Occupation of Gaza this Saturday. The ride seeks to highlight the struggle of undocumented immigrants in the United States as well as that of Palestinians under Israeli occupation. The ride will meet at 12pm at the White House at the conclusion of the National #Not1More March Against Deportations, which begins at 10am on the National Mall, and will be followed by the National Rally for Gaza, which starts at 1pm, also at the White House. Organizers support demands from the immigrant rights movement to put an end to the separation of families, the criminalization of immigrants and the militarization of the border. The recent “child refugee” crisis highlights the need for humanitarian aid, not increased military action. Organizers point out that many undocumented immigrants come precisely because of devastating economic and political plans imposed by the United States on communities around the world. Likewise, organizers support the self-determination of the Palestinian people who are fighting a just struggle against occupation. The ongoing slaughter of over a thousand people by Israel in Gaza reaffirms the need for the United States to end its shameful military aid to Israel, and for a real dialogue towards peace that recognizes true security for all people, not just the Israeli people. We will not remain silent. We bike for liberation for all peoples, around the world. From the US/Mexico border to Gaza, we bike for our humanity, justice and dignity! For more information please visit our facebook page Ride4Liberation and facebook eventhttps://www.facebook.com/events/1475475202699734/ ####

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