Climate Group Extinction Rebellion Targets the RNC, 8 Arrested

US Capitol Police arrest 8 within minutes as Extinction Rebellion targets the Republican National Committee, part of a global mass movement using civil disobedience in order to demand radical action on climate change.



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Washington, DC, April 16 – 8 arrested and charged with incommoding, blocking First Street SE across from the Capitol South Metro Station in front of the RNC headquarters. US Capitol Police were waiting for activists at Spirit of Justice Park as they marched over to the RNC headquarters with banners and signs. Within 10 minutes the police shouted the first warning for activists to get out of the street. Members of the group instead sat down in the street and locked arms, while morning commuters and tourist watched on, some joining the chants. 

Two activists are being held overnight for processing tomorrow at Central Cell Block in Northwest DC. They will be seen by a judge at the court (room C-10) at the Metropolitan Police Department Headquarters, at 300 Indiana Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001 from 11 – 1PM tomorrowApril 17th.

One protester being held overnight, David Slesinger, has a medical condition that may require him to be brought to the hospital during his stay. His Ghandian philosophy of non-violent direct action informs his decision to refuse the option of “post-and-bail” and to plead guilty for the charges of obstruction.

“The police are protecting the Republican National Committee, who is bought off by fossil fuels… We’re here, we were protesting peacefully, and we got removed before could even begin,” said Andy Miller, a native of Rockville MD and youth climate activist.

“The Republican Party is playing such an awful role in climate change,” said one of the group’s members, Jim Driscoll. “If you care about climate change, take a look at these heroes going to jail for you today. For your children, for your grandchildren, for the planet.”

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