Syria/Iraq/Gaza unity rally faces off against pro-Israel rally

On the 8th of August, Syrians, Iraqis, and Palestinians gathered in front of the White House, holding funeral prayers for the people of all three countries to be followed by a rally and vigil. A pro-Israel protest also began to gather, and lots of cops were reported to be present.

Selected clips of confrontation between Protest4Unity and pro-Israel protesters cut from Untold Carslyle Ustream video

5 sec rough clip from later in same Ustream video

Untold Carslyle Ustream video, almost 2 hours long complete

Video of the scene at 9PM, with some protesters STILL outside the White House

As this rally begins, US bombs are being dropped on ISIS positions in Iraq and the cease-fire in Gaza has broken down

Update noon 8-8: Protesters beginning to gather

Update 1:30PM: small numbers of pro-Israeli protesters showing up, ops and Park Rangers try to order pro-Gaza/Syria/Iraq protesters not to speak on the grass as it "violates the permit!" Are Muslims excluded from the 1st Amendment?

Update 2PM: "very heated" argument reported with the Zionists

Update 3PM: Pro-Israel protesters accuse pro-Gaza protesters of "killing your own children"

Update 9PM: Some protesters are still at the White House, protest pens are still in place (for tomorrow's "Day of Rage?"-and lots of "Israeli Propaganda" dropped by Park Police horses earlier is still on the street

Lining up for prayers-photo by "Harris from the Post"

Zionists and police barricades-photo by "Harris from the Post"

The scene at 3PM: Gaza/Syria/Iraq Unity protesters march around Lafayette Park while about 30 Zionists scream at them

Protest4Unity faces off with pro-Israel protesters at about 1:30PM-Photo by GlobalRevolution

Outside the White House at 9PM

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