Cops cut food haul rope at Venezualan Embassy to assist coup supporter's blockade

1 min clip from Ford Fischer's video of cops cutting rope to block food delivery

On the morning of May 13, supporters of the beseiged Embassy of Venezuala tried to again deliver food to the Embassy Protection Collective. This time around, police overtly supported the siege by grabbing and cutting the haul rope that was to be used to haul food to a window too high for coup supporters to enter by. Cops and the far-right always work hand in hand, blue uniforms by day and blue armbands by night(or in this case broad daylight.

Just as Trump imposes sanctions to keep food out of Venezuala and electricity off there, his buddies in MPD(as we know from J20) fight to enforce the exact same sanctions on Venezuala's Embassy. Power has been turned off in violation of laws concerning both utilities and embassies and the same is true even of the water. Police are fighting side by side with supporters of Juan Guaido's failed coup to enforce the weeks-long, protracted siege of the embassy.

A number of longer videos of the same events available at

Still from Ford Fischer's video of the cops cutting the rope to keep food out of the Embassy of Venezuala

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