Cville car attack survivors disrupt and discredit Terry McAuliffe's "Beyond Charlottesville" book talk

HD Video: the book talk breaks down into chaos, fed-up survivors begin chants 6 min 36 sec

On Aug 1, former Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe showed up at Politics and Prose to promote his new "Beyond Charlottesville" book. Several people who had been badly wounded in the Aug 12 2017 car attack by white nationalist James Fields got control of the Q&A session and hammered him for profiting off their injuries and donating profits to police instead of to those left with permanent injuries and huge medical bills by the attack. He answered their questions with the police, MPD escorting the survivors out of the building.

The event took place at DC's Politics and Prose outlet on Connecticut Ave. Afterwards, the survivors and their supporters continued their chants outside and asked those who had bought McAuliffe's book to return it for a refund. One person was observed returning to the store to do exactly that.

SURJ reported that the demands made of Terry McAuliffe by survivors were as follows:

1: Give book proceeds to survivors of the car attack, not to the police.
2: Put book tour on hold.
3: Meet with survivors.
4: Stop using Black folks as political currency.
5: Stop denying white supremacists are in the police force and government.

When the former Va Governor refused to address the concerns of survivors, they started chanting "Police and the Klan work hand in hand!" Terry McAuliffe had himself shown this to be literally true just a month before Unite the Right,when he ordered the Virginia State Police to violently assault anti-Klan protesters on June 8, 2017. That Klan march included the typical police behavior where police openly defend their comrades in white sheets or Nazi uniforms from the general public, and effectively was part of the buildup to the torches of Aug 11 and the deadly violence by Nazis on Aug 12 2017.

The ex-governor talked the talk at Politics and Prose about how people with torches and swastikas threatening to burn down synagogues were supposedly not welcome in Virginia. The problem is he did not walk the walk. At Charlottesville police stood down only when it appeared the fascists were strong enough to defend themselves from the people and the rest of the time defended the fascists. Afterwards anti-racist protesters who had been beaten by racists were arrested as well, and several survivors were harassed with grand jury subpeonas.

Former VA Governor Terry McAuliffe responds with the cops to questions about his handling of "Unite the Right" in Cville

Cops guard the doors as survivors continue to chant outside and read a media statement. One person re-entered the store to return their copy of McAuliffe's book for a refund

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