Questions About the September Climate Justice Strike

There is ongoing discussion in California about showing up in Washington, D.C. to be part of the Climate Justice September Strike.  In addition to questions in regard to short term housing and food, such as a convergence space being established in the district, or Food Not Bombs cooking, what (if any) organized activity is planned in regard to stopping the political machinery responsible for this ecological crisis?  Beyond random protests, is this a dissenting free for all, similar to the April 16, 2000 shut down which was in opposition to the World Bank-International Monetary Fund policies?  And is this being primarily orchestrated by Extinction Rebellion, or instead an eco-consortium, including such as Beyond Extreme Energy, Chesapeake Earth First!, and others who are more generally focused, such as Popular Resistance?  Is the Peace Vigil in front of the White House a safe place to gather?  Please respond to:  Thank you very much.

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