Decarcerate DC protest held against US atty's fanatical opposition to Second Look Amendment Act

On the 5th of September, US Atty for DC , Jessie K. Liu (a Trump appointee) held an ostensably public meeting aimed at sabotaging and undermining the DC Council's Second Look Amendment Act. Outside, DC residents and representatives from Black Lives Matter held a protest as the meeting was limited to hand-picked residents. Liu's staff told members of the public the meeting was "for elected officials only."

The Second Look Amendment Act would allow a rather rare sentence modification hearing now allowed for those incarcerated as teenagers who have served 15 years in prison to be extended to those whose alleged offenses took place up to age 25. Very few people have ever been released under the existing law and rearrests are almost unheard of, yet Jessie K. Liu is mounting almost fanatical resistance to this amendment. The reasons for this opposition are unknown, but she is using a false claim that t ALL survivors of sexual assault and violence oppose this bil. THis "all" statement was quite simply proven false by a single speaker who said she is a survivor of sexual violence and SUPPORTS the bill. Thus it appears that Liu's fanaticism for prison and exploitation is not matched by her skills in basic logic.

US Attorney for DC Jessie K. Liu's response to the protest was these fences and cops

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