Closures Ring Trump/Nationals ceremony, keeping protesters out of sight and sound

Donald Trump has in a week been booed first at the World Series, then at a UFC event in New York City. On Monday, Nov 4 he or his minions ensured this did not happen again at his Nationals ceremony in the Rose Garden. The "permanent" street closures kept protesters far away from the Rose Garden, and temporary closures forced multi-block detours as protesters probed the area for ways to get closer. Meanwhile a reported 11 members of the Washington Nationals refused to attend, in one high profile case for confirmed political reasons.

Remove Trump protesters extended their protest, moving off their normal Lafayette Park site to seek a way to get close enough to the Rose Garden event to be seen and heard. Closed areas were everywhere, and detours around some of the closures meant walking the entire permimeter would probably have taken the entire event. A team that got close in the morning as fans were filing in reported that the press and others studiously ignored them. This raises the question of whether threats were made that anyone deemed potentially sympathetic to a third round of booing and "lock him up!" would be pre-emptively removed. This sort of thing occurred at many of Trump's 2016 campaign rallies.

Surely the last thing Donald Trump wanted in the Rose Garden was another round of baseball fans chanting "lock him up!" There were an estimated 5,000 baseball fans at the Rose Garden event, unknown how carefully they were vetted to keep out people who don't like Trump's racist, white supremacist politics. It was in exactly that sort of environment at the Sunday Oct 24 World Series game and at a New York City Ultimate Fighting Championship event that whoever started the booing quickly got thousands more people to join in.

Remove Trump started out in their usual spot

Remove Trump at 15th st, after having to detour to H st to bypass a closure near where the Nationals' busses were parked near the US Treasury

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