Fire Drill Friday Reportback: Black Friday funeral march for the climate and young people's futures

Video-a stirring song at the starting rally, the funeral march, and die-in at the Columbus monument 2 min 51 sec

Video-a representative of the Piscataway Nation speaks at the start of the US Capitol rally 3 min 46 sec

On the 29th of November, as other stormed the shopping malls with nothing but holiday plunder on their minds, the weekly #FireDrillFridays climate/fossil fuels protest at the US Capitol morphed into a funeral march for young activist's futures. Teenage speakers reminded everyone that scientists now say there is only a decade left to avoid irreversible climage chaos-and that failure to act may destroy their future lives.

The march included a die-in at the Columbus monument in front of Union Station before continuing to the Chinatown shopping area where the protest ended

The funeral march departs the US Capitol, bound for the Columbus monument at Union Station and the Chinatown shopping area

Die-in at the Columbus monument at Union Station. This monument is to colonialism and ongoing theft of Indigenous land as the Confederate monuments in Richmond and Charlottesville are to the KKK

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