Anti-torture protesters march on Trump Hotel demanding closure of Guantanimo Bay

Video-coffin march on Trump Hotel demands Gitmo close forever 2 min 2 sec

The 11 of January, 2020 was the 18th annniversary of the opening of the gates of Hell at Guantanimo Bay by George W Bush. Protesters marched to Trump Hotel bearing nine coffins for nine detainees who have died there, and one more for whoever is next to die from the atrocious conditions at Gitmo. Trump has vowed nobody will be released from there no matter what.

At the Lafayette Square rally prior to the march, some of the activists remarked that with no court review, Gitmo essentially holds the President's private prisoners. Witness Against Torture and area antiwar groups renew the demand for closing Guantanimo Bay every Jan 11, on each anniversary of its opening.

There are still 40 detainees at Trump Hotel. Some of them have been there so long cells have had to be modified to accomodate wheelchairs as they get older and develop health issues from the brutal conditions. All are esentially Trump's own private prisoners, inherited from Obama and from George W Bush before him.At least some detainees were released under Obama, Trump has halted the process. Remaining inmates are now boycotting their status review hearings, since it is clear no possible outcome will cause Trump to let them go.

The march departs the White House

Witness Against Torture and antiwar activists rally in front of the White House demanding Gitmo be closed forever

The march nears Trump Hotel

Marchers laid these coffins at Trump Hotel

At Trump Hotel

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