ShutDownDC drops climate emergency banners all over DC

Video-deploying banners over the SE-SW Freeway and Rock Creek Parkway 1 min 19 sec

In AM rush hour on the 13th of January, ShutDownDC dropped "Climate Emergency-no time for business as usual" banners from overpasses all over town. Banners were visible from the SE-SW Freeway, K st, Rock Creek Parkway, and many other locations as dispersed teams dropped dozens of banners simultaniously.

ShutDownDC is the same group that shut down most downdown DC traffic on September 23, 2019 demanding action on climate change and continuing extraction and use fossil fuels. Police apparently knew in advance about the banner drops (due to web postings on presumably) but limited their interference to removing banners after they had already been seen by thousands of passing motorists. Possibly they expected more than banner drops given their numbers and behavior.

Banner on a K st overpass near Washington Circle

Banner over the SE-SW Freeway

The Se-SW freeway banner was visible to the traffic seen here from behind

Setting up a banner over Rock Creek Parkway/Independence Ave

The Rock Creek banner

At least one Metro station also got a Climate Emergency banner.

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