Environmental activsts rally against Trump's proposal to gut NEPA

The 25th of Feb was the last day of the Department of the Interior's public comment hearings on Trump's proposal to gut the National Environmental Policy Act(NEPA). This is the law requiring such things as environmental impact statements for major projects. Trumps' proposal was called a "fox in the henhouse" as it would allow corporations to gain control of this process. This would turn the EPA into another FERC.

As of now, the EPA still has some teeth, while FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) is infamous as the pipeline industry's eminent domain rubber stamp. FERC is funded by the corporations is "regulates" and thus has been captured by them. Trump's proposal for NEPA would bring this mentality to almost all environmental regulation. NEPA is the law underlying almost all Federal environmental regulations. Gutting it would move the US into the same category as sweatshop nations that essentially don't regulate industrial and infrastructure pollution and impacts at all. This of course suits Donald Trump just fine.

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