Mayday Action Roundup

Early afternoon on Mayday, May 1 2020, car and bike caravans began lining up for another day of caravan protests.One of the motorcades began the day by essentially driving laps around the White House.while bicyclists rode by HHS chanting "Do Your Job!" Videographer Jane Recker reports at least 40 cars in the motorcade.

Iron Snowflake in Exile Mayday roundup video 1 min 36 sec

A specific message seen in both the car and bike caravans was support for the Amazon/Instacart/Target/Trader Joes/Shipt workers who went out on strike on May 1, and an ask that nobody cross their picket lines.

Meanwhile, truckers organized their own rally on Constitution Ave against unfair pay and pay gouging by brokers.Jane Recker's Video of the trucker rally 1 min 32 sec

A far-right "Reopen America" protest in Lafayette Square to lose benefits and go back to work without regard for pandemic hazards flopped, with only a couple people showing up, then giving up to go home. Apparently engaging in civil disobdeience to demand going back to work in a pandemic is not very popular in DC

Elsewhere, workers at Amazon, Instacart, Target, Whole Foods,Trader Joe's, and Shipt walked off the job in a coordinated strike for hazard pay and personal protective equipment. They are asking everyone who normally patronizes these businesses not to cross picket lines, not to order from or shop at any of these outlets on May 1. Also people are being asked not to use Twitch, Audible, or IMDB on May 1.

Jane Recker's Video of bikers chanting "Do your Job" near HHS 13 sec

Jane Recker's video of Mayday motorcade circling the White House 1 min 31 sec

Still from Jane Recker's Twitter video of cyclists near HHS chanting "Do Your Job!"

Still from Jane Recker's twitter video of the Mayday motorcade near the White House

One of the bikes as riders assembled in McPherson Square(Shutdown DC photo)

Cars assembled on Constitution Ave(Shutdown DC photo)

Trucker rally on Constitution Ave (Still from Jane Recker video)

A right-wing "Reopen America" rally flopped (photo by Jane Recker)

Trump supporters attempt to recruit at the trucker rally

ShutdownDC action: Biker with Extinction Rebellion's flag

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