Over 300,000 march in NYC in Peoples Climate March

Sun, Sep 21-4:30PM:An estimate of 310,000 participants is published on Twitter, march was at least 25 blocks long

Video-2 min overview of both the People's Climate March and Flood Wall St

Video of Bike Bloc with Petrosaurus, swordfish bikes

Video ofPeople's Climate March on 42nd St

Video of anticapitalist bloc

Sun, Sep 21-4PM:Marchers who have exited march swarming back up 37th st, meanwhile marchers are still coming as far as the eye can see.

Sun, Sep 21 most of the afternoon:The march is on 42nd st right past all that lit-up advertising! The march is in double pens-but a lot of the marchers are NOT in the march but on the sidewalk. Cops spread thin, march passes one block from Times Square itself but traffic disruption is extreme. All of the Times Square area is either occupied by marchers in pens, by marchers outside the pens, or otherwise is gridlocked. If marchers had had plans for direct action at Times Square itself they would have been easily carried out by exiting the march in small groups at 50th st

Sun, Sep 21-shortly after noon:Spectacular Bike bloc in main march, with "swordfish bikes" and dinosaur skeleton made of oil bottles and car parts welded to 4 bikes.Z

Sun, Sep 21-shortly after noon:Code Pink exits the penned-in, stalled march and as a contingent marches down the sidewalk. So do many individuals, the pens appear to have been of little effect on this part of the march

Sun, Sep 21-11AM: Black Bloc assembles on main march route, NOT at previously announced meetup. Bloc takes street, marches up the route to link up with a second batch of anticapitalists.

Sun, Sep 21-9:45AM:Bike Bloc scheduled to start at 10:30AM from 59th st and 8th Ave, much police pen set up around Columbus Circle, the originally announced gathering in the same area. Large anticapitalist bloc scheduled to gather 11AM at 96th and Columbus. Main march confirmed as starting at Colubus Circle and ending at 11th Ave & 34th st.

Sun, Sep 21-7:45AM: I am in NYC, we are all about to exit the church we stayed in. Got here about 1AM

Sat, Sep 20-4:30PM:The main march begins at 11:30AM on Sunday along the east side of Central Park. The NYPD has announced plans to hold the march in pen fencing with nobody who leaves permitted to return, an exceptionally ugly development. Of course, the breakaway protest to the United Nations might not even enter the pens, and the Bike Bloc and Anticapitalist March also begin well away from them.

Sat, Sep 20:NYPD posts barricades and police to protect David Koch's penthouse from the the coming storm of protest.

Marching on 42nd st in police pens near Times Square

Hands Up don't shoot! Ferguson solidarity

Flags of the antcapitalist march

Bike Bloc w/ "Swordfish"bikes

spectacular "swordfish" bikes, each fish as a long pole like a swordfish sword

This must be a "petrosaurus" with oil bottle spines and car part bones, mounted on 4 half bikes (2 front, 2 rear) with a single welded frame

Iraq Veterans Against the War at the People's Climate March

A climate "Ark" in the march. I've seen this sort of thing before, when Avazz built a "Climate Plan B" ark on the Mall here in DC in Dec 2009

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