MoCo County Exec Erlich gets home demo over planned destruction of Moses Cemetary

Video-singing "This is the scene of a crime" at Erlich's house 1 min 9 sec

On the 17th of July, protesters showed up at the Takoma Park home of Montgomery County Executive. They are demanding he put an end to plans for the Montgomery County Housing Opportunities Commission to build a storage unit over the burial ground. Already it is paved over for a parking lot, this proposal would dig up graves if not stopped.

The Macedonia Baptist Church (an African-American congregaton) is demanding the lot be turned over to them instead, as many of their members may have ancestors buried there. The burial ground known as Bethesda Moses African Cemetary, Bethesda African Cemetary, or just Moses Cemetary is part of what remains of a community displaced by decades of racism and gentrification in rich Montgomery County, MD.

Protest against destruction of Moses Cemetary/Bethesda African Cemetary at Erlich's house

Marching to Erlich's house

The march included a hearse

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