Noise protest, loud go-go, street pursuits of GOP delegates hit Trump's nomination speech

On the 27th of August, Donald Trump gave his speech accepting the GOP's nomination for the 2020 GOP Presidential slot to about 1,000 people in the White House compound. Outside, many more protesters disrupted the speech with loud go-go music and noisemakers reported to be audible from the White House south lawn, site of Trump's speech. Later, several GOP convention delegates were pursued by protesters on their way out.

Guillotine set up in front of White House (Photo by Anonymous Operation) sums up the atmosphere

Trump Baby and Hoop Bus near the very powerful sound truck playing go-go music

Standoff with cops at 15th and Penn over efforts to get the sound stage/truck closer to the White House via Constitution Ave

Possible mercenary seen doing "security" near White House on 15th st

Emblem on presumed mercenary's shirt

Black Lives Matter protesters confront Rand Paul in the street

Protesters and Trump's fireworks (photo by IMAAC Marketing GP via Twitter)

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