Extinction Rebellion DC releases smoke at CNN to protest lack of climate/wildfire attention

Video-smoke rises over mock CNN anchors at CNN's HQ" 1 min 18 sec

On the 18th of September, Extinction Rebellion DC showed up outside CNN's DC headquarters with a desk,a mock CNN anchor team, characters including a devil and fire spirits, and plenty of brightly colored smoke. They were there to protest CNN's near-total lack of coverage of the role of climate change in fueling the West Coast wildfires whose smoke plumes have reached Europe.

CNN has said almost nothing about the hotter, drier conditions that have led to these fires. Protesters charge this is so as not to anger fossil fuel companies that buy ads on CNN. Out of 49 segments run by CNN on the fires, only 5 ever mentioned climate change.

An XRDC spokesperson released this statement: "This is a climate and ecological emergency. The climate crisis has set our home on fire. Mass extinction is already happening. People are being burned alive. Worse is to come. Billions will suffer. And yet CNN is still failing to tell the truth about the gravest existential threat facing humankind. The media must stop missing the story of the century. Outlets like CNN have a moral duty to make the emergency headline news every single day."

XRDC pops smoke at CNN

CNN anchors in money blinders

Fire spirits share their essence at CNN

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