Theocrats and white nationalists harass rally against Trump's Supreme Court nominee Barrett

Video: far-right disrupts the rally, and interview attempt w man in "Its OK to be White" shirt 2 min 17 sec

On the 27th of September, a "No Confirmation without Inauguration" rally was held in front of the Supreme Court steps. Speakers warned this would be "a fight." A fight indeed: Fundamentalist Christians and outright white nationalists showed up to counterprotest and harass, using their bullhorns in siren mode plus their chants in a failed attempt to drown out the sound system.

As events wrapped up, the videographer interviews a man wearing an "It's OK to the white" T-shirt, this man denies being a racist and at attempts to compare white pride and nationalism to Native American resistance. With him are an America's Voice News cameraman, and an African-American man in a red Trump hat, betraying his community.

Man on left and center both claimed white nationalism is OK

No confirmation before Inauguration!

Protesting Trump's attempts to ram his nominee through while people are ALREADY voting

Woman in Handmaid's Tale costume counter-counter-protests the right wing disruptors

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