Protester facing 175 years in aftermath of August kettles, repeat house raids

On the 20th of October, Chuck Modi published a series of interviews on Twitter with a protester identified as "Aye" who is facing Trumped-up charges totalling 175 years after charges from the August kettles were used as a pretext to raid her house.

Video-two of Chuck Modi's interview clips with Aye 2 min 18 sec

The basic sequence of events is as follows:

1—Illegal arrest 14 protesters(MPD/charges dropped)

2–New bogus charges by US Marshals (w/MPD help)

3—Slew of new absurd charges off illegal raid (Now Bmore PD), second set of Trumped-up charges (MPD/US Marshals) dropped.

At this point, prosecutors are trying to use the alleged presence of pot(now legal in more and more places) in a house physically located near a school to accuse activsts (everyone in the house) of being drug dealers selling to kids. The landlord is seeking to evict all occupants as well. Aye has been very clear that she has never sold drugs in her life, and these charges bear no relationship to the truth.

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