All Out against Fascism on Dec 11-12

On November 14th, Trump supporters and Proud Boys flooded into Black Lives MatterPlaza, destroying community artwork and memorials and starting fights with locals. On the 11th and 12th of December, they will be back. Against them stands a broad and growing coalition of anti-racist and anti-fascist activists drawing from all over Turtle Island. We shall NOT surrender our city to racist terror summoned forth by Donald Trump! There will be activities all day on BLM Plaza Dec 11 and 12.

Here is the call posted to

On Saturday, November 14th, thousands of Trump supporters, Proud Boys, militia members, and white nationalists converged on Washington DC for the "Millions for MAGA" rally.
After the police murder of George Floyd, DC has seen renewed and ongoing Black Lives Matter protests and community organizing initiatives. In an effort not to leave those on the street doing day to day organizing behind, a coalition of anti-racist and anti-fascist groups called for a counter-demonstration.

On November 14th, Trump supporters and Proud Boys flooded into Black Lives MatterPlaza, destroying community artwork and memorials and starting fights with locals.

On the 14th, after the leader of the Proud Boys, Enrique Tarrio, posted, "DC Antifa Ends Tonight", hundreds of Proud Boys took to the streets, looking for opponents to attack. They soon found some. Fights ensued, leading to several stabbings and assaults by the Proud Boys, who also destroyed banners on private property proclaiming that Black lives matter.

Media has attempted to present the attacks as the result of "both sides" clashing while failing to report the multiple stabbings and assaults which left two people in critical condition and many injured.

For months, police have brutally attacked protests for racial justice under the guise of protecting "life and property," yet when the far-right carries out violence and destruction, they deem it acceptable.

The Proud Boys are directly connected with white nationalist groups and the Trump campaign. Enrique Tarrio is the Florida director for Latinos for Trump and the Proud Boys have done security at Trump rallies. The Proud Boys also played a key role in the deadly Unite the Right protests in Charlottesville.

During the presidential debates, Trump told the Proud Boys to "stand back and stand by." This message was seen emblazoned on the shirts of rioting Proud Boys on the night of the 14th. One thing is clear: the Proud Boys believe that Trump has given them a green light to engage in violence against Trump's enemies.

With Biden's electoral victory seemingly solidified, many clearly feel the struggle against fascism is over. Yet it is clear that Trump will continue to build a fascist movement around him - with groups like the Proud Boys as his frontline soldiers. The need to build a robust and broad anti-fascist movement is more urgent than ever.

All out, All out against fascism on December 12th.

Outside of DC:

If you come to D.C. please get a Covid test in advance of coming to DC. If you feel sick at all, stay home.

We'll be releasing call-in campaign info throughout the week to drive down fascist turn out.
If you can't come to DC, this is a way you can support DC's mobilization against the far right.

Mobilize with DC:

Come out to Black Lives Matter Plaza, we intend on making this the safest space in the city for DC residents. Come out all day and night to make sure Proud Boys and other neo fascists cannot go unopposed.

A sample of damage done by Proud Boys on BLM Plaza on Nov 14

H st Fence stripped of signs by Proud Boys after they assaulted people defending the area

Direct threat from Proud Boys and Trumpists to "come for" both Black and Indigenous people. This is racist terrorism pure and simple.

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