Harassing "Pizzagate" conspiracy theorists driven off from Comet Pizza by dance party

Video of Comet's sucessful dance party response to "Pizzagate" harassment 58 sec

On the 19th of January, fundamentalist Christian "Pizzagate" believers attempted to harass Comet Pizza (again...) only to be driven off by a loud dance party. Their slanderous chants were answered with Lady Ga-ga and other dance music, and soon a full-on dance party began. Not long after, the Fundies packed it in, tapped out, and quit the field.

This was on the exact 4 year anniversary of the Posobiec/Cernovich "Deploraball," and the night after the 4 year anniversary of the massive GLBTQ dance party that marched on former VP Mike Pence's house two nights before Trump's heavily-disrupted "J20" Inauguration. Pizzagate is widely suspected to have been originally started up by Cernovich and/or Posobiec, both of whom were heavily involved in organizing the Deploraball. The foul stench these conspiracy theory artists farted out back in 2016 still lingers to this day.

Photo by Peter Greenberger

Creative Commons Licence