"Real People Real Relief" hold symbolic march on Capitol for covid relief

Video-marching on the Capitol 2 min 26 sec

On the 25th of February, the "Real People Real Relief" rally demanded Congress pass a covid relief bill that benefits working class people, migrants, and people of color. A key demand was that the $15 an hour minimum wage NOT be dropped from the bill. The event climaxed with a symbolic march to the razor-wire topped fence around the US Capitol.

A repeat of the "paycheck protection act" that disappears into a CEO pay and stock dividend sinkhole won't be enough.

Marching to the Capitol for covid relief. Fence is at edge of Mall prior to 3ed St

Demands of the march and rally

Razor-wire topped fence and National Guard troops still defend the US Capitol. MAGAts/Qanon talking March 4 repeat attack

On the Mall

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