Night march against ICE gets lots of cops but no serious police aggression

Video-atmosphere on 18th st as march comes through 1 min 23 sec

On the 3ed of April, anti-capitalist activists combined with La Raza DC to organize a night march demanding nothing less than the total abolition of ICE. The march went through dining areas, getting cheers from many but jeers from the wealthy. Large numbers of bike cops shadowed the march but made no attempts at snatch-and-grab arrests or kettles.

Marchers were protected by shield walls facing the cops both ahead and behind the march. This was a typical night march through the city's outdoor dining areas except that police aggression was considerably less violent than in January.

The bike cops have in fact been staging at Dupont Circle ever since the last night march out of there in early February. This march began at Malcolm X Park, while the bike cops were all still at Dupont Circle. Other cops found the march and took cover just outside Malcolm X Park, attempting to create the false impression of the march not being known to cops until suddently being "jumped" just out of the park. One cop made a show of walking right past the lead of the march, perhaps trying to create an incident to justify a later kettle. Nobody took the bait.

Bike cops line up behind the march on the 18th st restaurant row. A line of protesters with shields is behind the photographer.

The bike cops at 14th and U

Not all the cops wore masks. While it is legal not to wear a mask on a bike, these bike cops are too close to oneanother for that

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