Noise Demo against DC Jail combines with "learning from Lucasville" teach-in

Video-noisy pot and pan banging outside DC Jail 23 sec

On the 11th of April, a noisy, pot-and-pan banging protest at DC Jail demanded that prisoners be released. The indefinate delays of trials due to COVID-19 was cited as making pretrial detention and felony holds on bail unconstitutional (speedy trial). This was combined with a teach-in on the Lucasville (Ohio) prison uprising of 1993, where many gangs combined and rose in revolt for 11 days.

Protesters at one point marched from the women's wing of the prison over to the men's wing, to ensure everyone in the building would have a chance to hear the morale-boosting noise demo meant as an explicit show of solidarity with those trapped in the dungeons inside.

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