Treaty People Gathering SHUTS DOWN Enbridge Line 3 site with massive CD

Video-failed attack on water protectors by low-flyinbg CBP Helicopter 1 min 9 sec

On the 7th of June, well over 2,000 water protectors descended on an Enbridge construction site for Line 3. Hundreds locked themselves to heavy equipment-and to a boat. Over 100 arrests were reported by midnight. The targetted pumping station site (like much of Line 3) is trespassing on Anishinaabe lands. This is an existential fight for the Anishinaabe, as one pipeline break could be the end of the wild rice beds.

The Treaty People Gathering was bottomlined by the RISE coalition and Ginaw Collective. Some major celebrities like Jane Fonda showed up, along with massive numbers of activists from all over Turtle Island. At least two groups from Washington DC were present on the ground: one of them was some of the same folks who have been doing climate and Line 3 direct actions here in DC, the other one known to this author was a Sojourner group. Other cities sent similar crews by van and by bus.

The overwhelming numbers of locked down water protectors "siezed" the construction site according to one corporate media account. This implies a successful shutdown of construction at the site for the entire day, as tools-required extractions of locked-down activistss continued past midnight. This may be the beginning of another Dakota Access Pipeline style fight, and has been widely called out as another manifestation of the infamous Black Snake of Lakota prophecy. This prophecy states that a great Black Snake shall come from the north, and he shall spit poison into the water. This brings great discord but forces the tribes to unite.

At one point, a Customs and Border Patrol helicopter usually seen over George Floyd protests attempted to drive off protesters by flying just off the ground to blow dust. The attack failed and the helicopter crew gave up. A similar attack by the National Guard on George Floyd protesters in Washington DC on June 1 2020 generated tropical storm force winds and international outrage. That was the same day as Trump's tear gas attack and Bible thumping photo op at St John's church. Now Biden's regime (CBP is Federal) is using the exact same tactics as Trump, and again this has failed.

Water protectors locked themselves to many pieces of heavy equipment at a pumping station construction site (Photo by Unicorn Riot)

Boat blockade shutting down a road to the site (photo by NDN Collective)

Same boat blockade at night, as cops desperately scramble to extract huge numbers of blockaders

An inbound march to the target pumping station

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