Pride revelers drive off fundamentalist Christian counterprotesters

Video of Pride revelers facing off vs religious extremists, MPD extracting the fundamentalists 3 min

On the 12th of June, Pride returned to DC with a vengeance. Well into the afternoon, some fundamentalist Christians and two anti-trans extremists attempted to counterprotest Pride, only to taste that vengeance as the crowd reported began pushing them away. Cops swarmed into the area and an ambulance was seen. In the end, the cops extracted the religious and anti-trans extremists without seeking to make arrests

After the cops removed the right-wingers from Dupont and escorted them across the street, part of the Pride crowd followed them as close as they could get and kept up the pressure. After a while, folks got bored with the religious nuts and returned to the circle, shortly therafter the religious extremists threw in the towel and left the entire area, conceding the field to the Pride revelers.

Celebrations went on well into the night. This year's Pride marks not one but two victories: victory over the NYPD vice squad at Stonewall on June 28, 1969 and victory within the US over the coronavirus thanks to an aggressive campaign of vaccinations. This time last year, the mass Pride events were cancelled due to coronavirus issues, while No Justice No Pride protested in front of Mayor Bowser's house against persecution of sex workers and transgender folks. This while a massive uprising against police persecution rocked most of the so-called US. Stonewall was also an all-out uprising against police oppression, one that ended with the defeat of the vice squad and set the world on a path to equal rights for GLBTQ folks.

Cops extracting religious extremists from their attempt to counterprotest Pride

Bike cops swarm into Dupont but stay out of most of the park

Pride participants followed the fundamentalists out and continued to heckle them

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