New raw video of July 17 MAGAt protest at DC jail over J6 arrestees

All the raw video shot that day on one camera, made into a single longer video file 28 min

Raw Video shot by John Zangas of the situation at the DC Jail when fascists and MAGAts (Trump supporters) showed up at DC Jail on July 17 2021. They were there to protest rough treatment their folks detained there have gotten as payback for the rough treatment the Capitol and its defenders got on Jan 6. Not suprisingly, white nationalists held in a jail where both inmates and guards are people of color are having a tough time.

The Trumpers raised legitimate concerns about open-ended solitary confinement(suffered by ALL DC Jail inmates for over a year of restrictions supposedly to control covid), and referred to their detainees as "prisoners of Biden." Of course, many "prisoners of Trump" were children locked in cages because their parents brought them over the border, which does put this in perspective. Until tasting jail themselves, many of these neo-Nazis and white nationalists supported the most brutal possible treatment of jail and prison inmates. Trump's pardon of Arizona's brutal former Maricopa County sheriff Joe Arpao comes to mind here.

One can and should ask what concern is this to the Left, the answer is twofold:

1: Sun Tzu says to sow dissension among your enemies, to divide and conquer. Cops and fascists fighting it out is generally beneficial to those both cops and fascists hate.

2: There is real strategic danger from the J6 cases to future protesters against a potential J20/2025 Trump Inauguration. Trumpers will want revenge for what happened to their prisoners and may take it out on captured anti-Trump protesters. Prosecutors may learn lessons from repeated efforts to prosecute protesters, rioters, or insurgents (no difference to them!) after multiple contested elections and fought-out Inaugurations. The Democrats may gain from these prosecutions, but the serious Left benefits only from the division and fighting between theoretically allied cops and neo-Nazis.

Where's the bear mace and Thin Blue Line flags on poles used to beat the cops?

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