Boycott Nellies protesters return for 8th week, bar still mostly empty

On the 6th of August, Boycott Nellie's protesters returned to 9th and U sts for the 8th week out of 9. In mid-July protesters took one week off while Nellies was closed but they responded by reopening. Protests continue while Nellie's Sports Bar sits nearly empty. Soon they will have missed the entire summer reopening, and if Delta leads to another round of bar closures they could go out of business.

The snowplows were back on Aug 6, again presumably to keep the dirt bike and ATV riders from bringing a taste of Thunderdome to the demands for justice on behalf of Keisha. In addition the cops may have been seeking to minimize visibility of the protest to bystanders. DC is losing a lot of tax revenue to Nellie's not making any money.

Keisha was dragged down the stairs by Nellie's security on Sunday June 13 (Pride weekend) while seemingly half the bar's customers jumped on the security guards in an attempt to stop the assault. Intervening patrons were thrown aside while Keisha was dragged down the stairs by her hair. The boycott began that night as infuriated protesters responded to the scene. They are still there, every Friday night as Nellies doesn't get to partake in U st's backed bar scene. Before the pandemic they were often the most crowded of all-and were known for racist incidents.

The scene outside Nellie's Sports bar almost 9 weeks after their security dragged Keisha down the stairs over Pride weekend

Cops and snowplows seek to isolate the scene outside Nellies

Cops seek to disrupt the protests with bright lights and noisy snowplow engines

Status of the demands against Nellies as of August 3 2021

Sat night, 24 hours after the protest: only a few more customers busting the boycott than on Friday night

If THIS is Nellies on Saturday night when protesters are not on site, they are not doing well. U st as a whole has been PACKED

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