Pipeline funding banks get Stop Line 3 demos

Video of protesters at Bank of America and Wells Fargo 1 min 10 sec

On the 13th of August, Stop Line 3(Enbridge) protesters showed up at downtown branches of Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase Bank, Citibank, and TD ("Tar Dollar") Bank. At several of the branches protesters succeeded in getting an unmarked team inside to deliver documents about what exactly these banks have been funding.

One way to kill the Black Snake is to starve it out, to cut off its access to money by making toxic pipelines just too toxic for any bank to touch. The Aug 13 protests were part of a "Stop the Money Pipeline" campaign. Seeking to deny a destructive entity funding is a highly effective tactic when it works. HLS (Huntingdon Life Sciences) nearly went bankrupt 5 times before being rescued by the US and UK governments when their bankers, investors, and customers were all publicly shamed as puppy-killers. Today, these toxic banks are funding potential death for Indigenous people if pipeline spills destroy food sources such as the wild rice beds threatened by Enbridge's Line 3 mess. Again they are being named and shamed, potentially THEIR investors (as with HLS) could be next.

Cops defend Wells Fargo from peaceful water protectors

At Bank of America

You can tell which side these cops are on

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