Final Boycott Nellie's Block Party of the summer

Video-dancers outside Nellies on Aug 27 42 sec

On the 27th of August, the final scheduled Boycott Nellie's Block Party took place in front of nearly empty Nellie's Sports Bar. The boycott itself continues: the previous night, Nellie''s owner Doug refused to show up at a community listening session he had previously agreed to attend.

The block parties have been once a week, but random checks have found Nellie's similarly empty every night.Doug could have ended all this, but instead he chose to "pull away the football" by first agreeing to attend the community listening session and then refusing to appear. Now, many say the situation at Nellie's cannot be salvaged, so all the community can do is quarantine this dive with a permanent boycott. Nellie's can ask Coors beer just how long the GLBTQ community is capable of sustaining a boycott.

This particular block party was also just one night after the volatile Aug 26 night march for An'Twan Gilmore, so MPD may have been a bit more nervious than usual. In addition to the snowplows and all those lit up police cruisers, it seems that a lot of mid-level police commanders were standing around in a cluster on the E side of 9th st glaring at the protest.

All of this has happened because security at Nellie's Sports Bar dragged a Black woman named Keisha down the stairs by her hair over Pride weekend.

Rather a lot of mid to high level cops as well as the usual snowplows and lit up police cruisers

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