People vs Fossil fuels Day 2: 155 arrests, climbers replace US flags at Corps of Engineers

Video: the scene at the White House as cops read out the first warning PeoplevsFossilFuels, 39 sec

Video-Climber on flagpole replacing US flag at Corps of Engineers (Indigenous Environmental Network, 21 sec

On the 12th of October, People vs Fossil Fuels direct actions continued in DC. In the morning, activists again descended on the White House, where 155 more people were arrested. A few hours later, Indigenous activists descended on the US Army Corps of Engineers, one of several key agencies in approving pipelines. Climbers replaced the US flags with more appropriate banners.

US flags replaced by Indigenous climbers at US Army Corps of Engineers (from Indigenous Environmental Network video)

Petitions and puppets at Corps of Engineers (from Jaimie Henn video)

Scene at the White House as cops read out first warnign (from People vs Fossil Fuels video)

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