Final day of People vs Fossil Fuels CD's diverts to US Capitol

Video-Analysis of Capitol Police bike tactics ast the CD 3 min 9 sec

Update Oct 16:Biden's response: climate package to be removed from budget bill to appease Manchin, GOP

Update Oct 15 evening: Jill Biden interrupted by protest at Terry McAuliffe rally in VA over climate package Twitter report

On the 15th of October, the Indigenous-centered "People vs Fossil Fuels" civil disobedience protests switched targets to the US Capitol instead of the White House. This was the day featuring young water protectors. Capitol Police used unnecessarily rough tactics to push supporters back with bikes, they appeared to be using this for a training exercise.

If Capitol Police were using their bike squad to hone counter-Proud Boys tactics, they didn't get good training because Indigenous water protectors do not act like Proud Boys. The cops were very fond of using a bike line of cops to push and shove protesters. This tactic however is easily countered. If an aggressive crowd (such as on J6) were to simply fill in behind the police line and press in on them, the bikes would become nearly immovable and all the bike cops would be effectively kettled.

The water protectors by comparison were supporting their comrades doing a civil disobedience sit-in at 3ed at and Penn NW, with no interest in kettling the cops. The aggressive police tactics actually risked escalating the situation and there were more water protectors than cops. Had cops decided to simply let supporters stand where they would, it would not have changed anything in the "arrest zone" nor delayed later opening the streets.

Bike cops push water protectors off the street while the civil disobedience has it closed anyway

The march passes Trump Hotel en route to the Capitol

Lead banners on Penn Ave

Seen on Capitol Hill: the world has had enough of rich people and white supremacists

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