High Heel Race returns to 17th st after covid-driven 2020 absence

Video-scenes from the High Heel Race" 1 min 30 sec sec

On the 26th of October, the annual Halloween High Heel Race returned to 17th st. The 2020 race was cancelled for covid reasons, that was the only time it did not run. The infamous 1991 police raid on what was then an unofficial event run on Halloween itself provoked a furious response and a mass takeover of 17th st the following year. From then on, the city has held it as an official event prior to Halloween.

Participants warming up

More participants warming up prior to the densest crowds arriving

Mayor Bowser targetted for pedestrian/bike/scooter safety issues. There is a tradition of politics at this event, Manchin was also targettted

Two more warming up

By the 9PM start time of the race, crowds were too dense for this photographer

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