Protesters descend on Supreme Court before oral arguments in TX abortion case

Video-tales from Texas SB8 Hell recounted at rally 3 min 34 sec

On the 1st of November, the US Supreme Court heard oral arguments for their expedited review of the Texas SB-8 antiabortion law. This law empowers private citizens to act as bounty hunters to sue anyone helping anyone get an abortion just 6 weeks after conception. Pro-choice protesters grew in numbers as the dueling protests went on, while the antichoice turnout stayed constant.

Speakers emphasized the difficulty SB8 has created in accessing abortion services from inside Texas: the hundreds of miles by car or bus, the booked-up clinics in surrounding states, lack of knowing people in another state while waiting out those outrageous waiting periods, and complex, difficult to navigate websites and hours on hold on the phone.

This time around, the antichoice side seemed to keep their mouth shut about overt religious arguments, at least from what this author could hear. All the same, the antichoice movement has been bottomlined by Christian fundamentalist (both Catholic and Protestant) from the very start. The antichoice rally did feature the usual "churchy" music, prayers for the Supreme Court "justices" etc. Same leopards with same stripes underneath.

There is the very real danger that this Supreme Court with the Trump-appointed "Justices" will uphold Texas SB8 outright, which would nullify Roe vs Wade. This would create a firestorm of resistance to the resulting wave of new antiabortion laws and could destabilize the US political situation as a whole. With US "democracy" already on the ropes after Trump's brazen attempt to overrtide his 2020 election defeat, this can only accelerate the polarization of the US into what a Washington Post article called "warring camps."

Shouting match between pro-choice advocates and antiabortion fundamentalists

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