Free Them All protest at courthouse demands release of ALL held at DC Jail

Video-reading demands, naming and shaming over DC Jail 1 min 32 sec

On the 10th of November, anti-prison activists pounced on the reports that the DC Jail expelled no less than the US Marshalls during a suprise inspection that found "inhumane conditions." Instead of moving a few hundred inmates hundreds of miles from their families, activists are demanding that all inmates at the DC Jail be released and judges STOP sending people into pretrial detention etc.

One protester's sign called out jail itself-ANY jail-as an inhumane condition. Others showed faces of those responsible for the vermin, long-term solitary confinement, and other torture at the DC Jail. Protesters named and shamed, reminding the world that the criminals who RUN the DC Jail have names. They also have addresses that can be found by the usual tactics. Included were the warden and yes, someone known as an "overseer." Yes, an "overseer" at an institution descended from the days of slavery when the forbears of today's police were the slave catchers. This is the racist "just-us" system in literal black and white.

Speaking of black and white, several speakers noted that the recent interest in inhuman conditions at the DC Jail among white media etc began when some of the white Trump supporters from the Jan 6 siege and storming of the US Capitol were sent there. If Donald Trump wants his MAGAts back, he should have no choice but to reverse course and support abolition of jails and prisons. Not likely he himself will be arrested or course. That is due to fears Trump being taken into custody would spark major violence by his followers. We see in this what judges and jailers truly understand: force and power.

Free Them All protest demands release (not transfer) for every inmate at DC Jail

Faces of the enemy-including an "overseer" and the warden.

A panther chases down a pig while a T-Rex smashes a prison guard tower and captures two ruling class scumbags on a protester's sign

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