Fur-free Friday pickets Furrier's Row, storms Miller's Furs

Black Friday is also known as Fur Free Friday. On Fur Free Friday, Nov 28, 2014, animal rights protesters marched around the fur shops around the DC-MD line, including Neiman-Marcus, Saks 5th Ave, Dior, and Bloomingdales. Afterwards everyone pretended to disperse, then some of them reassembled and stormed into Miller's Furs in Bethesda, MD.

The team of protesters got inside with gory signs and the sounds of a fox caught in a steel jaw trap playing over the bullhorn. There were no cops protecting Miller's Furs until after the protesters had already left the store, and nobody managed to lock the door in time. Miller's Furs has been notorious for being combative with animal rights protesters for a decade and a half, but on Fur Free Friday 2014 they were caught with their pants down.

Finally, protesters wrapped up by paying a visit to Gartenhaus Furs, another fur store with a combative reputation. Here, security was not sucessful in trying to order protesters off the stairs, though no attempt was made to enter the building

Video of march through "Furrier's Row"

Video of protesters storming Miller's Furs

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