MoCo students, indigenous caravan blockade Rt 355 over climate inaction

Video of the roadblock and ensuing arrests 3 min 25 sec

On the first of April, student activists backed by the MIGIZI indigenous Caravan and several Green groups blockaded MD Rt 355 in front of Montgomery College in Rockville, MD. The students are demanding that Montgomery County Public Schools entirely end their use of fossil fuels.

A number of the participants in the Migizi indigenous water protector's camp who participated in the Rockville blockade are veterans of the fight in Minnesota to block Enbridge's Line 3 tar sands pipeline expansion. Also present was Donald Zepeda, one of the activists who shut down a tar sands pipeline in Washington State by shutting off the valves in 2017. The blockade of Rt 355 in Rockville led to multiple arrests after several of the activists refused to lift their blockade of the road after the usual three police warnings.

Most Montgomery County govrnment buildings now use 100% renewable energy but the schools have become a notorious exception, most of them heated by gas. The Montgomery County Public Schools only source 38% of their energy from renewable sources at this time.

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