At least five arrests as climate protesters lock themselves to White House fence

Video: Cops close Lafeyette Sq, arrest at least 5 in climate CD 3 min 52 sec

On the 6th of April, protesters with the "Scientist rebellion locked themselves to the White House fence with chains and U-locks. Police closed all of Lafayette Square in response, in a futile attempt to block photography of their extraction efforts. After about an hour and a half, the cops cut the locks and arrested at least five people.

This protest and other Scientist Rebellion protests the same day were in response to recent warnings that almost ALL of humanity's "fossil fuel budget" to hold global warming below the 1.5C threshold has already been consumed, and there may be as little as TWO YEARS left to deal with the situation. The DC action was a coalition effort including Scientist Rebellion Turtle Island, Declare Emergency, Honor the Earth, and Camp Migizi.One of the arrestees was climate scientist Rose Abramoff.

Photo shot from H st of continuing civil disobedience, using a near 40-1 zoom lens

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