Declare Emergency blockades I-395 for the second time in one week

Video-setting up the blockade, its effects, and cops arresting blockaders 4 min 18 sec

On the 8th of April, Declare Emergency and Scientist Rebellion returned to the site of a blockade of I-395 earlier in the week for Round II. The blockade site shuts off the route used by most Congressmen with homes in Virginia to go to work. Demands were for action against climate chaos, that the government declare a climate emergency, and that the Enbridge Line 3 and Line 5 projects be stopped forever.

Once traffic towards the blockade was shut off, cops directed drivers caught behind the blockade to U-turn and drive back up the highway to an exit. Closing the entrance to normal direction traffic removed the risk of any head-on collisions resulting from use of this escape route. In spite of the same target being hit as just a few days earlier, it took MPD at least 1/2 hour to arrest the blockaders and get traffic moving again. A blockade here in AM rush hour often has the effect of making the 14th st Bridge impassable as well. Makes it rather hard for oil and gas industry lobbyists to drive their single passenger SUV's from Langley to Capitol Hill for another day of buying votes in Congress.

Once again, Scientist Rebellion was part of the action, and climate scientist Dr. Rose Abramoff was again arrested, after having been arrested at the April 6 action at the White House for chaning herself to the White House fence.

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