Supreme Court gets massive pro-choice protest in wake of draft decision to overturn Roe

Video-Fundamentalist Christian heckler driven OUT 52 sec

Video-Reportback by John Zangas from the rally as a whole 2 min 38 sec

Video-two clips by Alejandro Alvarez showing huge crowd and "Where is Joe? chant 51 sec

On the afternoon of the 3ed of May, pro-choice protesters returned to the Supreme Court for the 2nd time in less than 24 hours. This was a huge permit rally w space set aside for both pro-choice activists and antichoice bigots. So few of the antichoicers showed up that pro-choice activists got control of both areas.

Among the antichoicers who did show up were member of PAAU, the group that has stolen fetal remains so they could be BAPTIZED and buried. They were soon driven off by the withering response to their hecking. PAAUis the so-called "Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising" but there is NOTHING progressive about them. Five fetuses were found in the DC home of one of their members, and it soon came out that more had been stolen for baptism and burial. This is Christian fundamentalist not progressive politics and behavior. Almost ALL the opposition to abortion seems to be rooted in religious bigotry and extremism.

One of the rally speakers vowed that pro-choice groups would assist women in crossing state lines to receive abortion services. They swore to provide transport, housing, whatever it takes. Already women are travelling longer and longer trips for this as states like Texas ban most abortions, women go out of state, and neighboring GOP states declare a "crisis" and rush through their own abortion nbans. This will only be limited when the ever-longer trips terminate in states the GOP cannot control. In a related and very chilling developement, a group of "ad tech" executives have declared their intent to sell data collected by apps and web ad trackers about women potentially seeking abortion directly to law enforcement. Thus, it may well become necessary to provide burner phones to women seeking abortion across state lines in places like Texas and Florida. Speaking of Florida, FL Governor "DeSatan" has called the leak of the draft SCOTUS decison "a judicial insurrection." He is showing little understanding of what a real insurrection over this would look like.

At one point in the protest, chants of "Where is Joe" rose from the crowd. Senator Joe Manchin, that Masarati-driving coal baron from W-VA, is a major part of the reason the Supreme Court waas even able to hear the case with the makeup Donald Trump left it with. Without Manchin and his filibuster, the past two years could have seen such remedies as expansion of the Supreme Court to neutralize Trump's court-packing. It would have been fitting payback for Mitch McConnell first blocking Obama's 2016 SCOTUS nominee, then ramming through Trump's nominees including one nominated late in the election cycle. The filibuster is why a Trump supreme court was able to hear this case, and Manchin is the main reason the GOP still has the filibuster to fall back on. The GOP already killed the filibuster for SCOTUS nominees of course, or Trump's extremists would never have made it to ther bench.

Chief "Justice" John Roberts BTW confirmed the authenticity of the leaked draft opinion, with his call for an investigation into the leak.

This photo by Shut Down DC

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