Supreme Court "Injustice" Alito gets pro-choice home demo

Video based on Shut Down DC's live coverage including two speakers 8 min 13 sec

On the 9th of May, pro-choice protesters descended on the VA home of Supreme Court "Justice" Samuel Alito, author of the infamous draft decision to overturn Roe v Wade. Protesters warned that this is not just about abortion but contraception and LGBTQ rights too.

One speaker warned that in one state, transgender teens as of NOW can be subject to forcible detransition. Like all laws, this is ultimately enforced by armed police. This is guaranteed to lead to dead LGBTQ kids, just as abortion bans are guaranteed to lead to dead women. People will have no choice but to fight. No other issue can possibly be more destabilizing than these body issues.

Cops waiting at Alito's house

Interesting choice of T-shirts on this unknown cameraman: Black Rifle Coffee

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