Kavanaugh/Roberts protesters undeterred by rain,drama, heightened security

Video: Protesters face lines of cops but no conflicts 1 min 45 sec

On the 8th of June, thunderstorms,heavy security, and the day's earlier drama all failed to deter peaceful protesters from showing up at the home of Supreme Court "Justice" and rapist Kavanagh and his co-conspirator "Justice" Roberts. The protesters were there to do exactly one thing: name and shame Kavanaugh and Roberts for their crimes.

At the protests, Kavanaugh was directly called out for the repeated public charges of rape made against him by several women during his confirmation hearings.This was then and is now regarded by many as a disqualification from holding any public office. Yet Kavanaugh is permitted to vote on whether or not half of all women in the US will be able to get abortions without driving 700 or more miles, and may even get to cast votes on future cases that worst case could impose "fetal personhood" or otherwise ban abortion in all 50 states. He and all his Trumpy friends are also expected to vote for overturning all possible protections for LGBTQ folks, to permit states to ban contraceptive measures, the works.

Some of the growing number of "Christian Dominionists" in the GOP would if possible make all sex other than for the purpose of starting a pregnancy a felony. Christian Dominionism is a political philosopy that holds that the US is a Christian country and that the Bible is equal to the Constitution as a source of judgement and arbitor of what laws must exist,can exist, or must not exist. Former Trump VP Michael Pence is a known Christian Domininist.

Lots of cops but no trouble at the Kavanaugh home demo

Same at the Roberts house: lots of security but protesters not bothered

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