Shut Down DC blocks roads, shuts down area around Supreme Court

Video-scenes of utter disruption in the streets around the Supreme Court 4 min 36 sec

On the 13th of June, Shutdown DC launched their offensive to shut down the Supreme Court on one of the possible days the Dobbs (abortion) ruling could have been released. Results were mixed: while cops stole a truckload of alleged blockading equipment, the presence of so many protesters forced the cops to do the same job themselves, and the protesters denied them the ability to open blockades for SCOTUS traffic.

During the inbound march,a tiny contingent of theocrats from PAAU(Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising-a fake progressive antichoice group) attempted without success to block the march from proceeding towards the Supreme Court. They ended up being driven ahead of the march by determined pro-choice protesters, to the point that gaps opened repeatedly. Cop blocked the intended approach route to the court, but the march rerouted and got there anyway. There it split up, the various teams deploying to spots aimed at denying access to the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) parking garage entrances on 2nd street. The cops ended up doing this job themselves once protesters appeared at both ends of 2nd street, as effectively as any locked-down blockade. While a "soft kettle" and threats of arrest drove protesters off the Constitution Ave site, the E Capitol Street side of 2nd street stayed blocked with protesters present until the Court was done releasing their opinions online.

Due to the pandemic, the Supreme Court has been releasing their decisions online-only. Unknown to this author whether SCOTUS has been normally meeting in person to vote and make their final decisions, but it was reported this particular decision day would definately be done online. While the Dobbs (abortion) decision did not come out, five other mostly negative rulings did come down.

Part of the inbound march passing the front side of the Supreme Court

Blockade at 2nd and Constitution just before the "catch and release" kettle to drive them off

Protesters on both sides of a police line at E Capitol St and 2nd street

Blockade at 2nd and East Capitol streets

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