Reportback from June 15th Kavanaugh/Roberts home demos

Video-protesters at Kavanaugh's house march past police lines of both MoCo cops and US Marshalls 1 min

On the 15th of June, antichoice Supreme Court "Justices" Kavanaugh and Roberts got another round of protests at their homes. As always these protests were entirely nonviolent. They have however made the far right and antiabortion movements scream so loudly as to imply a "saturation" effect, meaning that most (possibly all) of the possible effect of any form of protest is already being achieved with the mildest of tactics.

The right wing and GOP have tried everything to suppress the protests with no luck.They just keep coming, and worst of all for Kavanaugh and Roberts most of their neighbors have sided with the protesters. In Chevy Chase, you see "Chevy Chasers for Choice" signs all over the place. Making laws based on religion to control women's bodies seems to be about as popular in Chevy Chase as getting caught on video punching puppies.

Approaching Kavanaugh's house

At Robert's house

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