Jason Bagshaw shoots, kills man at the Wharf, 2020 video shows him throwing medic at BLM protest

Video: Jason Bagshaw assaults, throws a street medic during a BLM protest in 2020 14 sec

The cop who shot and killed a man at the Wharf on Saturday night has been identified as no other than Jason Bagshaw, infamous for assaults and general abuse at protests and especially Black Lives Matter marches. MPD claims and Bagshaw's stories about how the shooting took place are highly questionable, especially as Bagshaw was not wearing a functioning body camera when he opened fire.

Speaking of video, there are plenty of videos like the one included in this report showing Bagshaw using force abusively in the past. This evidence speaks for itself.

While some MPD officials claim Bagshaw may have "interrupted an armed robbery," facts on the ground are inconsistant with this. MPD claims the victim of the shooting was holding a bag containing $30,000 worth of watches to be sold presumably on the street. They also claim he was in "an altercation" with multiple other men when he supposedly had a firearm of his own out and refused to drop it. This suggests the victim of the shooting (Lazarus David Wilson, 23)not only would have been very unlikely to be interested in committing a robbery but may have been defending himself from a robbery attempt by others. A video from a vantage point other than Bagshaw's shows Bagshaw was not in uniform, so if he failed to identify himself as a cop he could have been easily taken for just one more attacker in the group.

With Jason Bagshaw's record, not a single word he says about this shooting should be believed unless backed up by video or other forensically sound evidence such as ballistics. He is a known liar and infamous for using force first.

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