"Justice" Neil Gorsuch gets surprise home demo, NO COPS

Video-protesters get entrance to Gorsuch's community to themselves, NO COPS 21 sec

On the 18th of July, River Road earned its name after storms passed through, yet protesters were able to navigate this waterway straight to the entrance to Supreme Court "Justice" Neil Gorsuch's home in an upscale private community. This was an unannounced protest to catch Gorsuch by surprise. No police response until protesters were already leaving.

This type of surprise protest was routinely able to defeat police efforts to drive off or deter protests during the HLS (vivisection) campaign. During those protests cops usually were unable to respond for ten minutes or more, sometimes even leading to chants of "ten minutes-NO COPS." Ten minutes can be a very long time for a wealthy power broker to wait for help when protesters catch them and the cops by surprise. Even the most mild mannered and peaceful protesters seem to cause wealthy people who never do their own work (much less their own fighting) to panic.

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